How to Add Multiple co-authors or co-instructor for LearnPress courses.

Do you want to add co-authors or co-instructor for the learnpress courses from your learnpress course? Normally, learnpress plugin allow only one author for the any course.

By default, LearnPress does not have an option to add multiple author/instructor, and you must select an author to publish a course.

In this article, we will show you to easily add multiple co-authors or co-instructor from your learnpress course.

Why Would You Want to Multiple co-authors or co-instructor for LearnPress courses?

LearnPress WordPress LMS allows you to create courses easily with multiple lessons, quiz types. You can add Text, Images, Video, Powerpoint Slideshow, Documents, anything to your lessons and your quizzes. You can also create many quiz types to easily assess your students’ learning progress. When an e-Learning website is created on LearnPress, the site owner has the option of adding only one-course authors to it. These authors create and sell their own courses on the website, and the owner can take some part of the fees as a commission.

worldwincoder has created a plugin for adding the Multiple co-authors or co-instructor to the course.

Do you want to add multiple co-instructor for LearnPress courses?

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