Easily Manage LifterLMS Courses From One Place

LifterLMS is a tool to quickly build and deliver online learning on any subject for users anywhere and anytime at any level. Over time, its gadget screens have replaced the whiteboards and blackboards. Today, online learning is a new trend. From setting up the courses to enabling the students to learn them conveniently, learning is very easier today.
Although, when it’s to design the courses for WordPress, LifterLMS is the go-to choice amongst the users. Perhaps, managing the courses is quite challenging. You will require the right tool to manage and modify the courses instantly.
Smart Manager is one tool that lets you supervise all the LifterLMS courses from a single place. Either you need to reduce the enrol course fees for students, edit any course detail or export the courses, you can do it easily. Today, this blog will assist you in better supervising the courses to save the overall cost and time.

Why is LifterLMS the First Choice among the Course Creator? 

LifterLMS is the first tool that pops into mind when one thinks about a WordPress Learning Management System. The strong characteristics of the LifterLMS make it a reliable tool among course creators, and these are as follows-

⦁ Design the online quiz and course from a single screening with the help of a drag-and-drop filter.
⦁ Accept enrolment and payments without any limits.
⦁ Sell the memberships without any membership or e-commerce plugin.
⦁ Strong, customizable reporting to rightly understands the learners.
⦁ Keep the learners or students focused with online community, coaching, quizzes, assignments, gamification and more.
⦁ All the security features of LifterLMS stay in complete control of the training assets. It includes launch windows, start dates, prerequisites, drip content, course access rules, personalized student dashboards, and individual user accounts. You can decide who, when and what price can seem them.

Managing Courses, Quizzes and Lessons from a Spreadsheet

As your business develops, you will have many data from the courses to manage. If you need to edit any data, you must search and enter every course for it. Although, modifying thousands of courses can be a tedious task to deal with every time. But with Smart Manager, all the necessary modifications can be done at your fingertips. It also lets you manage all your Lifter LMS courses using an Excel-like spreadsheet. For all the assignments, courses and lessons, all the LifterLMS components can be managed with the Smart Manager. Here is how-

⦁  Add and Manage New Courses Directly
Using Smart Manager’s spreadsheet editor, include various courses directly to the website. Set all parameters like images, price, course difficulty level, course capacity, course length, SKU, and course title. Now you are done.
⦁  Include and manage the lessons and sections for courses
You can include the sections and lessons directly for the courses. You also add text, images, audio, and video files. Set excerpt, featured image, permalink and more using the Gutenberg editor.
⦁  Duplicate courses for bulk generation
Suppose you wish to design courses having the same price, similar content, categories and same duration and use the ‘Duplicate’ option in Smart Manager. After that, you can modify the courses as per your requirement.
⦁  Add and Manage Engagements
Create certificated and engagements, emails and achievements for the engagements. Also, you need to set the engagement triggers and edit them accordingly.
⦁  Add and Manage Assignments, Quizzes, Forms, Transactions
Add as many assignments and quizzes to the courses you want.
⦁  Inline edit courses
You can make the changes to the quizzes, questions, forms, sections, lessons, courses etc. and save them with the help of a spreadsheet.

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Edit the courses for duration price and more in bulk
If you wish to set a category for courses, set the date of creation, difficult and other categories. The edit and advanced search filters of Smart Manager let you set the category within seconds. Once the results are in front of you, press on the bulk edit option, set the required parameters and press on update.

Search for courses based on tracks, tags and categories
The smart mana manager of the tool lets you filter any course based on various conditions. Although, in complex situations, the smart manager immediately delivers the results. For instance, you search the courses related to coding and marketing categories. Also, you can search all courses having 3+ months durations, courses whose price is more than $100 and less than $500, courses having simple tags etc.

Search for customers/students based on courses and take the required steps
With the help of a smart manager, you can find the customers/ students who have enrolled for membership or a particular course. After that, you can decide what steps to take for the students. For example, you can take the following actions-

⦁ Enroll top achievers in another course for free
⦁ Assign discounts and coupons to redeem on the next course
⦁ Set drip content for a few users among the selected ones.
⦁ Award them with a certificate

What’s your Biggest LifterLMS Challenge Right Now?
Let’s Talk

Delete Courses

You may have planned some test assignments, quizzes, and more before beginning it live with the main ones. Hence, with Smart Manager, you can easily search and delete these courses or move them to the trash. You can also view all the trash courses in the Smart Manager and then permanently delete them.

Manage Memberships

You can also handle the memberships from a single place like the courses. With the help of a smart manager, you can update the memberships in bulk, call off the membership status in bulk, filter memberships based on tags and categories, add/ modify coupons to the membership plans, and export all the membership filters or data for further reference.

Export Courses to CSV

You can fetch all your data to CSV by applying column, search, and date filters before exporting. You can export the course data to other places based on the categories.

Manage SEO/Keywords for Pages and Posts

A course is incomplete without SEO. If you want your course to rank in the search engines, you will have to modify your keywords, apply redirection, change URLs and much more. The Smart Manager lets you manage SEO-related tasks. For example, you use the search and edit to find any related keywords, export SEO fields etc.

Wrapping Up!

LifterLMS is the best WordPress plugin with a bunch of functionality and features that improve the course’s membership aspect. Thus, saving time and managing the courses from a single place seems difficult if you are using this plugin. But, thanks to the Smart Manager that has cracked the nut and made managing courses possible. Today, thousands of users are using the Smart Manager to complete store management work. So, what are you waiting for? Get started using the tool today and manage all your LifterLMS courses from single place easily.